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Arkidus Home Protection Reviews

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  • Reported Arkidus to Attorney General's Office

    Arkidus is a scam and Reinaldo (Ray) Berges is a crook. The Florida Dept. of Insurance has revoked his license (he actually didn't have all of the required licenses in the first place) but that is all they could do. So he is free to do whatever he wants provided he doesn't sell insurance anymore. I know of at least one venture that he is starting which means Ray will likely be scamming again. I have successfully contacted him numerous times but as soon as he hears I'm calling about the money he owes he hangs up and disconnects his phone. We can't let him get away with... More...
    pennyblau's Picture   pennyblau    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stinking SCAM.

    These two guys created their own good reviews, etc. They took me in June for $450. The guy insisted that I pay with a check by phone. When I called in August for a water leak, they had completely disappeared. I tried again and again for days. Finally I looked online and found many others like me, all of us ripped off and angry. I reported Arkidus to the FTC who said they were aware of them, but my bank won't give me my money back, so here I sit. Meanwhile, they have to be out of the country or they'd be in jail by now. Don't walk, RUN FROM THESE CREEPS!!! More...
    (Repair Services)
    muse77's Picture   muse77    1 Comments   Comments
  • Arkidus Home Protection is a ponzi scheme

    I made a claim with Arkidus to fix my air conditioner on May 27, 2012. The air conditoner company had a bad feeling about Arkidus and would only agree to fix my AC if Arkidus gave them a credit card for payment. They did fix the AC, but it turned out the credit card was not a working credit card number. I have called and emailed Arkidus numerous times, as has the AC company, but it is only busy signals. When I finally reached a live person, that person told me that they were instructed by the owner, Ray Burgess, to only sale new policies. They were told by Ray Burgess to avoid all claims... More...
    ArkidusVictim's Picture   ArkidusVictim    3 Comments   Comments
  • Unresolved Claim

    We filed a claim in late June for our HVAC system. The repair company was extremely professional and gave us a quote for repair/replacement. To our surprise, AHP wasn't going to cover it fully because we didn't purchase the "upgrade" to cover rust and corrosion. Huh? We weren't even given that option when purchasing our policy (over the phone). Thus, we settled for the amount that they were willing to pay to apply toward our cost. When we hadn%u2019t heard anything from them, we phoned in mid July to inquire and were notified that a check would be issued and... More...
    ripfit's Picture   ripfit    0 Comments   Comments
  • Arkidus Home Protection - does not resolve a claim

    Have filed an HVAC claim that is pending for more than 2 weeks. Claims line is always busy and does not even accept messages. When lucky enough to get to a real person on the claims line, they promise that the claim is in the approval loop. Even after getting hold of the claims manager, who says that the claim is approved and that they will instruct the HVAC company to follow through on the repairs, they don't call the HVAC company. Feels like the company is a big scam. Any advise? More...
    bdtx's Picture   bdtx    5 Comments   Comments
  • Good service

    I bought the Diamond Plan about 9 months ago and just last week my refrigerator brokedown and I called the AHP to fix it. The first time I called the called went straight to voicemail. I left a recorded message and a claims rep called me back about an hour later to find out my situation. Jaime the claim agent called a tech near by to come to the house. The appointment was schedule for the next day. The following day, the tech accessed the problem and said the fridge needed a new compressor. They ordered the part needed, and a few days later the fridge was up and running. More...
    keilan12's Picture   keilan12    1 Comments   Comments
  • Boiler replaced

    We Had big problems last year in the middle of winter..The boiler had been installed one year ago at the time so we had no worries..I woke up in the middle of the night and it was freezing..Went into the basement to find water everywhere… Called The Warranty company and a guy showed up the next day,He told us the Main Piece Cracked in the Center Of the boiler and it would be nearly $4500 to replace the boiler… We Knew for a fact that Warranty companies usually Max out at their CLAIMS LIMIT to $1200-$1500.. Not ARKIDUS..These guys Covered the entire boiler for $3800... More...
    joe15425111's Picture   joe15425111    0 Comments   Comments
  • A Great Home Protection Company

    I recently changed to AHP - Arkidus Home Protection from AHS - American Home Shield, after AHS through their negligence damaged my home to the tune of $4K by using incompetent contractors and ignoring my repeated requests for help with a plumbing leak. First off let me say that I have had a fabulous response from Ray Berges at AHP. It is so nice to have ONE person to call when you have a problem, and to have that person responsive and responsible for helping you. This is the opposite of my experience with AHS, where you spoke to anyone who picked up, if you got the Tennessee call... More...
    WendilynEmrys's Picture   WendilynEmrys    1 Comments   Comments
  • New to AHP

    This is my first policy with AHP. After having multiple other home warranty companies say "I have never heard of them", I am glad that I chose to go with AHP. Had our heaters tuned up on both properties I have coverered with AHP. Had a bit of a hiccup with the tune up on our CA property (Not due to AHP). Ray was right on top of it and helped resolve the hiccup. It is nice to actually call and get a human being on the phone and not a machine. Ray always answers the phone and is always a pleasure to talk to. He really does his best to take care of his clients. Based on this... More...
    Iuffredo's Picture   Iuffredo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Two Thumbs Up

    This company is a home warranty company and by far the best i have had.I have bounced back and fourth over the years with many different home warranty providers and this company seems to have the consumers best interest. Just had a repair on my garbage disposal. Some of the things diagnosed were broken down prior to my activation, even though i was not aware. Technically it was an pre existing condition and thought i was out of luck. To my surprise my agent called and said he had taken care of it and all of the repairs were going to be covered. I typically don't do these review things,... More...
    billglenn65's Picture   billglenn65    1 Comments   Comments

Arkidus Home Protection Reviews By Product

Arkidus Home Protection Comments

creeps says: (9 years ago)
They are nothing but crooks. I signed up in April 2012 due to a very high rating on Angie's List. Could not get in touch with them to correct contract info. Gave them an F rating and Angie's list called me to say that they have been getting many F ratings since the beginning of the year. Angie's list directed me to the CA Insurance Commission. After numerous transfers I was finally told they do not handle any complaints not written by insurance companies. I have disputed the charge on my Visa and sent a complaint to the BBB. I feel Angie's list bears some responsibility for not assuring that this company was legit before accepting the very high ratings, which I think are bogus.
Louise E.Stiles

whatdahell says: (9 years ago)

Clarkarella says: (9 years ago)
I completely agree with awildah54. We are a service provider and not even officially signed up with the company. We received an emergency call from them on June 29th for assistance with a plumbing call because they couldn't get anyone else to take the call. We agreed to do it, even though it was already 4pm on a friday afternoon. They emailed us an agreement to pay us via Fedex within 24hrs of receiving the work invoice. We have yet to be paid 28 days later!! I am on hold with them right now going on 26 min. after being disconnected twice. We have emailed all contacts available with company, called all contacts including main number on website and continually get answering machines, full mail boxes, and even a contact number for Ray Burgess in accounting without an access code to even leave a message. No one will return our calls/emails! The 3 times in the last month I have gotten through to a live person, I was disconnected and unable to get through immediately until today. I am now being told that Ray Burgess is the only one that can issue a check and he has been out for 3 days with a family emergency. Ray Burgess is the owner of the company/Accounting Manager. Jaime Felix (work approval line) was unavailable when the work needed to be approved at the policy holder's home. Only an answering machine was on to leave a message and we never heard back about whether the emergency work was approved. The amount we are waiting to be paid on is $115.00. Obviously there should be no reason to deny this claim when there was a water leak coming through their ceiling that was fixed so further damage would be prevented. Please check their BBB listing. They have an "F" right now. Please do your research and weigh the positive reviews with the negative reviews. Try calling the company a few times before signing up at different times. If you get an answering machine or full mailbox, good luck when you have your air out in a heat wave or a broken pipe leaking everywhere. Vendors/service providers - you will waste more time/money than any possible increase in business. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB if we do not receive payment by August 1st. Old Republic and HBW 210 are 2 warranty companies that we have found reputable for home owners and service providers.

awildah54 says: (9 years ago)
At beginning of July, 2012, I requested service for a range top. Arkidus sent A & N from Woodbridge, VA. The technician came and said I needed two burners and would send request to Arkidus. Four days later, A&N called to tell me that they had yet to hear from Arkidus. I called them and wrote to them, NOTHING! Ever since then, I call every day and am given the "run-around". A&N called in my presence and I verified that there was no response. I have called claims, the agent, evrybody!!! To date, I have yet to know the status of my claim BUT paid the technician!!!

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